New To Blogging?

23 Mar

Weren’t we all…

Everything has already been created. With that said, it is how we rearrange the pieces of everything that tells a new story, expresses a new idea, perspective or point of view.

As a new blogger, the hardest thing to do is get started. We wonder to ourselves, “what do I have to say that will be interesting to others?” We wonder if we are good enough and will readers like us because we are putting ourselves out there for the world to see. We’re sharing what we feel is us, that part that makes us a person. Or are we?

We share for many reasons:  encouragement, inspiration, teaching, therapy, humor, perspective of ever day life, etc.

In reality, when we write our posts we are expressing ideas, ideals, opinions, perspectives and images. Very few people can or will ever put their real selves out there. We share bits and pieces of the stuff that is inside us but each person has their own perspective when reading. Their own interpretations. Some get us…some do not. It is no different than the real lives we lead each and every day. We are often one way at home and another at work; one way with family, loved ones, friends and another with acquaintances and strangers. We write from ourselves and to various audiences.

As new bloggers we must determine what we are going to share and how we are going to share it. We can tell snippets from our lives, stories of family and work day events; humorous or serious; fact or fiction; inspirational or (self)-defeating; cathartic release for our own personal therapy or sharing of experiences for others to benefit from as they go through similar experiences. There are as many subjects as there are writers and readers.

Guess what? Not everyone is going to see it the same way we do and not everyone is going to like what we have to say. We need to understand that should not reflect on how we see ourselves. If we determine that our blog is us, then we are perhaps putting just a bit too much into our blogs. There is no way for the world to know the real us without living each and every day with us. We often lie to ourselves, how can we truly express every detail of us to the reading public? Even our reflection in the mirror goes through the filters in our psyche. We read other blogs with the same filters.

We see other blogs with hundreds or thousands of followers and want to be successful just like them. What makes them successful?

Some bloggers are serious, purist writers and they would hope that everyone who writes is the same; while others with the same or similar abilities are elitist and believe that they and their kind are the only ones who should express their ideas in writing because they have a gift or have been through the grueling education that makes a real writer (author). Some of us are hacks at writing. Expressing ourselves in an environment that should be for true professionals but we may do a bad job of it, probably because we haven’t paid our dues and obtained all the education—grammar is often the truth teller.   There is something to learn from all of these writers. If you pay attention, you can see what to do and what not to do but don’t let it define you. Purist will often help when asked by someone who is truly interested and willing to learn, not someone who just asks questions; elitist will often belittle you for not knowing what they know and hacks will just continue with their program.

You will hear of and see trolls. Online trolls are mean-spirited and look only to argue and demean regardless. Their goals often appear to be to put others down in order to build themselves up…little do they know. Pay no attention to their issues and don’t make them yours–don’t get into it with them.  And most of all, do not believe them when they attack you—you are as free as you allow yourself to be not how anyone else tells you to be.

You will see some bloggers make fools of themselves by their written actions. Some will ask you to like them, follow them, embrace their vulgarities and offensive words…some will ask for funding. They most likely have an obsessive need for acceptance and want to be accepted for their negativity when they really don’t have or don’t know how to contribute respectfully or positively.

There are many people out there who the attempt to be offensive and yet they only provoke as a younger brother would a sibling sister; others say they’re offense but in reality are only thought promoters. Some attempt to provide words for ingestion of thought but the waste product smells less of a rose. There are others who intend to offend and they truly do.

Some have legitimate charities or businesses and will promote them.

Some write to teach or promote writing. They share the secrets of writing and blogging—they even have classes. What could it hurt? Nothing, as long as you’re learning something. If you are losing yourself and becoming someone else, you might want to rethink and glean practical substance over personal style. Your style will already be there or will emerge as you continue to write—you will find the way you want to express yourself.

Some people share other people’s posts but never share of themselves.

Some will tell you that you must get followers to be a success; while others will tell you that what and how you write will get people to follow you. People can’t follow you if they don’t see you. You must get yourself out there. Often the best way to get some notice is to read other blog posts and comment when appropriate and what is appropriate to the conversation. Your thoughts on a subject, pro or con, will quite often result in others going and checking out your page to find out more about you.  If not daily then weekly, go check other blogs just to see what they’re up to…read their content and say something, like something, encourage them to continue sharing.

Some bloggers only want or have followers–they do not follow.  You’ve got to be a well known author, have a fantastic product (your writing) and a very unique self-perspective in order to pull it off.  That doesn’t mean they don’t read other blogs but someone at that level is probably swamped with a daily professional life that can take its toll with book signings, interviews, etc.; and with hundreds of thousands of followers, there’s no way they could ever hope to get to anyone if they re-followed every one that followed them–you follow me? 😉  Don’t be offended, they’re probably not following anyone else either.

Frequency and consistency of posts will result in a more consistent following. I know this from personal experience. I took care of life for about 20 days and didn’t write any posts during that time. Very few came to my blog and no one new followed my blog during that down period. Once I started writing and reading again, the numbers increased and have stayed consistent. You must be involved in writing and reading, liking and commenting to help being seen which will result in people paying attention and in turn, commenting, liking and following your posts. People like interaction.  However, most people don’t want to go first.  It’s okay, go first.  Just as you are particular about what and who you are willing to follow, so are others. Don’t be offended if people don’t send likes. Often, people read and move on to the next post. Sometimes, they think about what they read, and later come back with a like or comment.

We as individuals must determine what we want to share. We as readers will determine what is acceptable. What we write about does say something about us as much as what we read. However, what we write isn’t all of us. If you seek to be liked and followed but people don’t like what you’re writing change what and/or how you write. If you’re new to writing, learn what you can about writing, learn how to express yourself that will invite readers.

Most of all, write for yourself. Remember from the movie Field of Dreams, “Build it and they will come…” There’s plenty of room for one more, if necessary, they’ll add another server just so you have a space to be you.

It’s long, I know but if you got this far, I appreciate it. I hope this will encourage you to progress forward with your blog. I hope we’ll get a chance to know a little bit about you through your writing.

We write, read, edit, rewrite and wonder if it will ever be good enough.

The next hardest thing to do is click on the [Publish] button. Go ahead, click it…it’ll be okay.

Jay 🙂


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7 responses to “New To Blogging?

  1. gw

    March 23, 2015 at 16:40

    Thanks for this. I’m new to blogging by only five months and have few over ninety followers. Most of them are commercial business blogs though. I expect to find my “style” any minute now. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    • ljaylj

      March 23, 2015 at 16:42

      I like your style, sir. You witness very well, indeed.

      Liked by 1 person

      • gw

        March 23, 2015 at 16:45

        Well thank you kindly, ljay. That’s very encouraging to me. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  2. shopgirlanonymous

    March 24, 2015 at 00:01

    What great tips and such great info. I must add, please utilize the enter and tab button to create separate paragraphs for separate thoughts in your posts! 🙂 I just read a second post by a blogger that was a huge blob of words…very difficult to remain focused. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  3. garym6059

    March 24, 2015 at 14:18

    This is a very good post, fortunately in my eight months of blogging I haven’t ran into to many butt heads and as a whole the blogging community is always trying to help each other out.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. annj49

    March 25, 2015 at 14:04

    That was an encouraging read.

    Liked by 1 person


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