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Are You Better Than Everyone At Your Place of Employment?

I didn’t asked if you are more educated, smarter or make more money than others at your place of employment, I asked if you’re better than everyone else.  Sometimes, it appears to me that some people think they are a better person evidenced by their position, status, education or income compared to other employees.

Are your subordinate employees subordinate to you in all aspects of life, or just on the job?  Are they workers and part-timers, or are they assistants or associates regardless of their job title?  Are the employees in other departments “them” or are they colleagues with a common goal?

What kind of subordinate were you?  Did you complain about the establishment and say things such as, “If I was in charge…” or “These jerks don’t know what they’re doing, a monkey could do better than this…” on a regular basis?  Did you talk down your bosses with fellow employees?

So, now that you’re the monkey, how do you see yourself compared to the rest of those in the barrel?  Do you expect them to perform at the level you saw yourself then, or the level at which you are now?  Hmmmm…

I’ve been through enough that I can let upper management and their superior attitudes fall off, most of the time, even when I feel disrespected.  I still do my job to the best of my ability because that is what I am paid to do–it’s just better when I enjoy or am not disgusted with the environment.  Also, regardless of what has happened to me (real or imagined) I do my best be ensure my assistants don’t feel like “part timers,” or inferior because I believe that everyone has something to contribute to the environment, the job and/or each task necessary to carry out the mission.

As managers and leaders we have a dual purpose role.  We are company representatives for the owners or the ones who sign our paychecks; and, we are buffers between the company and the employees and the employees and the company.  Each group or individuals are our customers.  As managers, we manage the environment, the job, the tasks,schedules, personnel and yes, sometimes individuals.

How we lead and manage will determine the results of daily production and the work climate for each area under our area of responsibility.  It’s hard to see sometimes but often we are manipulators of attitudes.

Are we better than everyone, maybe in our own minds but how we treat people goes a long way to how they view themselves in the work environment.

Every monkey needs a banana and a leader they can ape.  How will you be mimicked?

Friendliness goes a long way even when you’re not friends with someone.

Jay 🙂


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